Hello? Can anyone help me? My ussue is i tried the trial version of win 10 b4 and for 4 months it was doing great however when i updated Kasperky for win 10 i ended up bluescreen and cant open my desktop. i weng to repair shop of asus but and they did Factory reset and my pc is back to windows 8.1 but it seems it has issues in my fan? The Gpu tweak no longer runs right because its running inverted,, what i mean is i have 2 fan one for Drivers and one for cpu and i have Gpu tweak prog that says i run Cpu fan 4100 and the Gpu runs 3200 or lower.. the actual is my fan running the opposite instead Cpu runs 4100 its my Gpu actually runs it. Also sometimes my pc is heating because of the fan running slow..

I got issues too i can no longer update invidia.. it wont download.

When i put Gpu tweak to Run full speed the moment it uses my nvidia it runs max of 25500 fan even if i am just using browser.

i have noticed too.. if i only use intel and open dxdiag.. my fan stuck runing Gpu4100 or 4000 showing but actuall my cpu runs 4100 or 4000 stuck and my Gpu stay 3900 or below depends on the games i use .. so far i only played emulator it runs 3900 but i notice slight heat..

Furthermore i notice is Spendid Utility - for 10. but since i factory reset to 8.1 i am curious as why i can run Utility for 10? i tried to run in my other laptop but it wont run so im thinking something stuck mix with my win 8.1 ... im like half 8.1 half 10 ?

i tried another repair shop recomended by asus.. they said they did clean install. but the problem still occuring .. .

Right now im thinking if maybe i should Reinstall win10 and instead factory reset use rollback.. but then Maybe u guys can help me.. Im really New to this and the reason i updated to 10 was coz asus keep advertising it. .