Hi everyone, and happy Autumn.

I'm currently editing text using Notepad++, and I've installed the plugin Aspell as a spell checker. It contains a main dictionary, and also contains a second file for adding additional words to the mix which makes it act like a smaller, accessory dictionary (file). And the entire Aspell folder is set to "Read only"

If I'm doing a spell check, and the spell check finds a word that's not in either the main dictionary, or the accessory file, there's a button to click to add it to the accessory file.

Or in other words, there are two files involved with the spell check. There's the one that contains the main dictionary, and then there's a second one that new words are added to.

The trouble is the entire Aspell folder is set to "Read only," and that prevents me from adding new words to the accessory file in it.

What I'm trying to do, is remove the "Read only" part from the accessory file, or the entire Aspell folder.

Note: So far, each time I uncheck the Read only box, it automatically rechecks itself.