Dear Users,
Since last Thursday I'm having troubles with Win10.
It was going to update but it somehow failed - now I have reboot loop after each 20 seconds - only short info that update is going back and restart - I kept it for whole night and nothing happen ;/

So I made Ubuntu pendrive and I've seen that there is folder name AAA which has two files:
This folder was not present before.
There is folder called $WINDOWS.~BT - I've found some posts which were saying that I can remove it so I renamed it and got welcome black screen with error 0xc000000f.

Than I thought - for sure Windows shall have some restore tools. I got in menu which allows me to refresh system, restore it etc - unfortunately I don't have any restore point which I can use ;/
I was trying system refresh - but it says that system partition is blocked.
Interesting thing is that I can choose between two operating systems:
Windows Rollback and Windows 10. First is behaving like described above second - is loading and suddenly giving BSOD with info that main process is dead.

Than I thought - Win10 pendrive shall help me - I had to switch to legacy at boot and it ran - but also diagnostic tools were not working or no error was found.

I google and tried bootsect /nt60 all /force /mbr and many other combinations - no influence. I was trying to play with bcdedit according to some posts but nothing was working.

I really would like to omit format and find some smooth solution but I going out of hope, please help.