Hey guys wasn't really sure what category to post this thread in,
So this has been going on for quite some time now, when I am streaming videos browsing the internet or playing really low intensity games like minecraft or indie games my computer will crash to a random coloured screen I assume taking the colour from some element of whatever on screen and will project a horrible sound from the speakers (I assume a very short loop of the last sounds of what was playing) and I am forced to hard reset the computer.
sometimes it wont happen for a couple of days and then other times it will happen 4 times a day, it totally varies with no apparent cause. It has a brand new hard drive, ram and PSU and the graphics card is fairly recent, the mother board and CPU are a couple years old but I can't see this being a hardware issue down to the fact that there seems to be no apparent cause for this issue if the hardware was strictly faulty then im sure it would die in high intensity tasks but it has almost never crashed when playing something like battlefield or the new DOOM game at max settings so that doesn't seem to be the case. I also can't see it being an over heating issue as the computer runs quite cool. All of my drivers are up to date and this has happend across multiple versions of graphics driver updates. Im honestly out of answers I have read countless forums of people suffering with the exact same problem to no ressolve and have tried a rediculous amount of things just about everything you could possibly do yet still found nothing. I thought id try to make a post to see if anyone could help me before I give up and take it to the computer store.

All help is much appreciated!

Thank you.