i apologize for bad quality pictures in this thread, i could only take pictures on my phone for these problems.

I have 3 problems that are quite major for me currently. These started happening after windows installed cumulative update 1607. I had a memory leak, very major, so i used system restore to go back before the update. I was forced to install it again, and than system restored again. I would talk about how after a few hours of use, my memory goes from around 19% idle to 29% idle, and how my browser and games gradually consume more memory, but i have no idea how to fix that and i cant tell if it is a problem or just me being paranoid. I'll start with the login problem.

1. Whenever I shut-down my computer, whether it is from the desktop or the lock screen, when i turn it back on and click the lock screen, there is no user profiles in the bottom-left corner, nor is there a profile picture, password box, account name, etc. in the center. It is just a slightly darkened lock screen
However, when I restart from the desktop or the lock screen. When it loads back up to the lock screen, my user profiles and log-in works 100% fine.

Here is the normal lock screen for comparison.

2. After around 15-30 minutes of use, the User Account Control (UAC) popups stop showing up. It does appear if i click a program, but it takes around 2 hours to finally pop up on my computer. When i open certain programs, like Command Prompt (Admin), it still does not open up a UAC popup, but it does make a new icon in the taskbar popup.

If i hover over it, it shows a full screen version of the UAC prompt, but i can not interact with it. It has no password box, the only option that is available (of Yes and No) is No.

3. During startup, normally the manufacturer's logo (for me it is HP) and a white spinning circle appear. However, while this is what happens to me during startup, after a little while (it takes a while to startup, about 15-30 seconds), the manufacturer's logo disappears, and only the spinning circle is there until startup completes.