Windows 10: Serious bug in Windows

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  1.    15 Oct 2016 #1

    Serious bug in Windows

    I have noticed a serious bug in Windows. It's happened before but I didn't know why. Now I think I do! This happened today on all three of our machines. All were left on a while, idle enough time for Windows defender to do some kind of background auto scan. After I went to Windows update to check for updates, and each one took ages checking. It took minutes to report back none available and the time was out on the last check timestamp, it was several minutes before it really had finished. Weird and then I noticed high cpu usage and saw it was Windows module installer (which relates to Windows update). Frustrated it wouldn't calm down I restarted each machine one by one and in every case rather than restart it got stuck on 'Windows is busy configuring updates - do not turn off' (or something to that effect). Even though there were none to install! This screen stayed like this not changing, so after about 20 mins I force shutdown each machine. After rebooting each one all was fine again. But I am convinced Windows defender is too blame in each scenario. Normally our machines aren't idle too long enough for defender to do automatic stuff, any scans I do are manual. But today they all got to do it and all got met by this problem. Makes one reluctant to let the PC idle for any significant time for fear of this side effect.

    i don't know how often defender performs auto scan checks if a machine is left idle. Every 24 hours? But I certainly don't want it doing auto checks if this is the side effect if one decides to do a windows update check afterwards.

    like I say I have encountered the phantom configuring windows updates before and never actually restarting (albeit pretty rare) across different windows 10 machines and different builds/versions. It always made me wonder if Windows update was bugged at the time but now I think it's the combo of defender and Windows update at the heart of the problem. It's a concern because I certainly do not like force shutting off machines in such a manner

    obviously I keen to find out if others have noticed same anomalies over the tenure of Windows 10. Maybe it's hard to recreate, my penchant for regularly checking for updates may mean I notice this before many ever would
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    I have to ask..... Have you shut down all the massive security holes in Windows 10?
    Like WUDO? If not, you DO need to kill that monster immediately.

    Don't know what I'm talking about or how to go about it? Well just google "Kill WUDO" and you will find out the How and Why of it.

    You can also disable the service "Windows Update" and Windows Defender will still be able to get it's updates.

    I don't know how anyone can run Windows 10 as it comes from MS. It's so full of security holes, it's a nightmare.
    On a clean install, I always use the "Custom Install" method to turn off all the CRAP that I don't want running in the background,
    and when I have to work on a Windows 10 PC that's already installed it takes a while to go through all the menus and disable all the stuff that should NEVER be left running in the background.

    So, if you're running Win-10 as it came from MS, I can understand why you're having problems.

    Good Luck!
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    Thank you, unfortunately I don't want to disable windows update as I want to be able to receive the updates. But this glitch concerned me
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    What version/build of Windows 10 are you using?
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    I'm running Win 10 Pro (AU), "As Is" and do not have any issues. I use my system for my recording studio. "Latency Mon" shows no problems.
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    Scottyboy99 said: View Post
    I don't want to disable windows update as I want to be able to receive the updates.
    You misunderstand. WUDO uses your PC and bandwidth to deliver those same updates to other PCs on the Internet (and get your updates from other PCs rather than direct from Microsoft). Does that sound like something you want to do?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Hmmm, ok thank you. Yes I did misunderstand. I'll have to check if that's switched on because that is not something I'd want to happen. But I wonder if that is the reason for the issue I noticed. I'm now not convinced Windows defender is to blame and it was co incidence. But I still think whatever is happening to make a restart stall on configuring windows when there are no updates to install to be a serious one. It's rare but I have seen it before on an older PC we no longer have that ran windows 10 and now today on all our machines.
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    Ok I checked that setting. It is switched on for 1 PC but only to deliver to machines on local network. And in the occasions it happened only the PC in use was switched on so there were no other PCs on the network! On the other two that setting is switched off, so sadly it is not the reason for what happened earlier!

    All machines on 14393.321. fully updated

    whatever happened on Windows update when checking for updates earlier must of bamboozled all three machines. It took ages to check (this evening it's been nice and fast) and made Windows think on a restart their were updates to apply but of course in reality there were none and it got stuck on configuring Windows updates. Guess it's a strange rare quirk in Windows update and may manifest itself again but will be hard to reproduce as its so rare. But it's happened before and am sure will happen again - maybe my frequency for checking for updates helps bring the quirk out. I do it after most boots. Four machines now at one time or another have now seen this unfortunately
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       16 Oct 2016 #9


    You might want to check this post ("Win 10 Ann Ed - Shutdown without updating"). I along with the original poster of the thread ran into the same issue. About an hour after installing the latest updates, I went to shut down my computer and was presented with the "Getting Windows ready ... Don't turn off your computer". After about 40 minutes it finally shut down and there was no indication of any update being applied. I do have Windows Defender on that particular machine. I don't know what it was doing.

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  10.    16 Oct 2016 #10

    Thank you John. I replied on that thread. Very interesting. What on earth was going on yesterday to cause these traumas. A big bug from MS !
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