I have 6x 3,5mm ports on the back of my PC/motherboard but they are not working.
I first tried them without the motherboard driver (because windows usually reconises them without driver) but they did not work. I then installed the realtek audio drivers from the motherboard (msi) website, and they do not work.
The funny thing is, that the ports themself are reconised. As soon as i plug in my mic or headset, the realtek driver window pops up and asks what it is that i connected, and set the quality settings. But playing a test sound or blow in the mic does nothing at all.

Yes, i have checked into windows sound settings to the enabled sound outputs and recording devices, and they do not work either. They are again enabled and shows as working, but they simply do not put out audio or notice my blowing into the mic.

Help would be appriciated! The motherboard is the z170a pro from MSI.