Whenever i tried copy, delete, rename or modify folder having a movie file with the appropriate .srt file, after watching them, i used to receive the following error: "Folder In Use The action canít be completed because the folder or a file in it is open in another program.Close the folder and try again."

Following is the solution to my problem:

I found out that it was provoked my VLC movie player which i had it as default windows player.

The solution is quite easy:

Open the Settings app and then click on "System". From the "System Settings" section look for "Default Apps" option in the left side. Scroll down a bit if you do not find the option.

Go to the right side and scroll down to ďSet defaults by appĒ. From the left column choose "Movies & TV" app and from the right side ďChoose defaults for this programĒ button, mark the "Choose all" option and then "Save".