Windows 10: Sleep problem ( Computer)

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    Sleep problem ( Computer)

    I am finding that when I put the computer to sleep it wakes up again after about 10 seconds for no apparent reason which is very annoying. Please can anybody give me a solution to this problem. Thanks Brian
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    Hi, there are many threads on this topic which has been much discussed. Clearly it only affects some people. Hope you find something useful here:

    Solved Sleep: Keeps waking up! - Windows 10 Forums
    Solved Windows 10 wakes up from sleep all by itself - Windows 10 Forums
    Windows 10 Desktop Wakes Itself Up - Windows 10 Forums
    computer automatically wakes up from sleep - Windows 10 Forums

    If not, please post back with what you've tried. Good luck..
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    It always causes me to chuckle a little when anyone complains about "Sleep" not working properly.

    This has to be at least the 10,000th thread on the topic. Of course no-one ever does a search to find an answer, they just jump on a forum and cry for help.

    "Sleep" has been buggy, that is, 'Un-Reliable', since MS first introduced it many years ago.
    The worse case I've seen is, "Help! My computer went to 'Sleep' and now it won't wake up!".

    In the first ten minutes of setting up a new PC, or a new install of an OS, I disable both Sleep and Hibernate.
    Life is so much simpler and safer without either one. My PC's all have just two states....ON and OFF, anything else is problematical.
    I set up my customer's PC's in a similar manner.

    So my fix for a PC with sleep problems is to just stop using "Sleep" as an option.
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    I have a Doctor who shares your method of problem solving. If I tell him "It only hurts when I breathe" he will say "Then stop breathing".
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    cbwilsha said: View Post
    I have a Doctor who shares your method of problem solving. If I tell him "It only hurts when I breathe" he will say "Then stop breathing".
    That sounds a little extreme, but hey...... it WOULD work! lol

    A better analogy, would be.... " I tell my Dr that when I hit my thumb with a hammer it hurts like the devil" and he tells me "Then don't hit your thumb with a hammer!".

    If something like "Sleep" if a problem for you, (obviously it's NOT for everyone, like cbwilsha), then just stop using it.
    It IS a problem for thousands of users world wide. I don't want to wind up being one of those who gets bothered by it, so I just refuse to use it. My PC's, all twenty of them, have two states....ON and OFF. Life is so much better that way.

    Notice that people who come on with smartalek remarks, don't offer you any help.
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    PC Freezes in Hibernate/Won't come out of Sleep

    So I actually have the opposite problem and I can't seem to get any help or find any solution that's actually relevant.

    I have two computers - a laptop and a desktop. Desktop is primary. Laptop has the latest W10 with Anniversary Update, desktop does not.

    This all started, honestly, it did kinda start when I installed Windows 10 on my desktop. At the time, I was using Sleep and I had the same problem the OP has. Now, the person above suggests not using sleep, which would be fine except for one thing - I work from home. Using sleep means I can literally start right back from where I left off the next morning. So I actually DO need my desktop to sleep. After trying all the methods for pc waking up (turning off usb mouse/keyboard, turning off wake timers), I finally found the answer - apparently the Intel Service Engine something that comes with Intel CPUs wrecks havoc with sleep on Windows 10.

    Solution - roll back from current version 11 to version 9. And that solved my issue, on both computers.

    New problem - I recently replaced my video card in my desktop. I didn't change any settings, just replaced and set up new video card. At this point, I had stopped using Sleep and was using Hibernate instead (after all, I'm using a desktop primarily not a laptop). I installed my card on a Friday and everything was fine for at least a week. THEN on a weekday, I put my PC into hibernate, went to bed, got up in the morning, woke it up froze.

    And complete freeze - mouse and keyboard did nothing and even reset didn't do anything. I had to hold down power and then restart. Now, I can at least reset, but for every day I have to do this, at least once I have a hard freeze and I have to power down and back up.

    As mentioned, this is REALLY annoying. I don't want to leave my PC on all night (that's another problem - it doesn't automatically go to sleep when I'm away anymore either), so I want it to go to sleep/hibernate and be ready for me the next day. Again, because I work from home, I'm usually on my desktop and I want to be able to start work as soon as the pc is up. Yes, I have a laptop, but it's an 11-inch 2 in 1 and while great, there's something to be said about having a 24 inch screen (hopefully soon to be two 24 inch screens). It's perfect when I'm writing up something, but not as great when I need two things side by side; this is especially true if I'm on battery power and Chrome is a notorious battery killer.

    So I'm asking, pleading, begging does anyone have a solution that actually works? It's so annoying having to close down everything every night because my pc can't get it together and worse having it freeze and then needing to start all over again. It's time consuming. And comments about downgrading back to 7 or XP or switching to Linux; it can't be too much to ask that my brand new OS actually works the way it should, is it?
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