Following the installation of the latest W10 system update, I am having a weird issue. Update was made in order to get MSoft Ad Blocker. Issue started a couple days after the update. This does not happen with any web browser content, with 3 different browsers tried. It happens with System pop up windows that contain boxes of numbers-(example print pop up windows where you select the number of copies and what pages to print for example). It happens to stand alone programs like Quicken with many boxes of numbers. When they are first loaded everything works normal. However when the wireless mouse or touch pad on my laptop are moved anywhere on the screen, boxes of numbers start to be blacked out with weird black bars as the cursor is moved. I am talking about pages of black bars covering numbers. To make it even more strange, if I restart my computer everything works perfect for a while (hours or a day or two), then the problem starts again. Nothing else is blacked out with black lines, only the numbers. The bars are not continuous, but look like an intermittent bar, but still enough to totally mask what is under the bar. I thought it may be connected to my wireless mouse, but unplugged it and problem is still the same. My first thought was that I had some kind of virus so I installed a good antivirus program but that did not solve the issue (Emsisoft).

Anyone seen this problem before and how did you solve it.