I am having an issue with the Quick Launch taskbar that just began yesterday...

Here are my issues:

1. Quick Launch shortcuts to not work.
2. Cannot delete, or look at shortcut properties.
3. Attempting to use Quick Launch shortcuts cause open windows in taskbar to disappear for a few moments, then screen refreshes and they reappear.

What I have tried and/or checked:

1. No Windows updates installed this week.
2. Removed Quick Launch taskbar.
3. Rebooted computer.
4. Re-enabled/installed Quick Launch taskbar.
5. Added new, working shortcuts to Quick Launch taskbar.
6. Same issues occurred.

There has been nothing new installed on this computer, and malware/virus scans do not indicate any issues (this is work computer and is monitored via lab tech, malwarebytes, and webroot programs...

I have searched for others having these types of issues and nothing that appears to mimic my issues was found...

Any thoughts, hints or ideas would be greatly appreciated...

Thank you in advance.

David B