Windows 10: All my work stay on my taskbar

  1.    30 Sep 2016 #1

    All my work stay on my taskbar

    I had some problems with my HD, and upon recovery, I got stuck. I can start windows 10, I can even start any application I choose, but, all I get is an icon on the taskbar. I can, by hitting my mouse right start any option listed, but the result is shown exclusively on the task bar.
    I can, though, start win10 in Safe Mode, which kept all its potential.
    What's wrong?
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  2.    30 Sep 2016 #2

    Hi, can you clarify "some problems with my HD" - are you now convinced it is sound? Have you checked its SMART parameters?

    What is your current build level?
    (Windows key + R, winver)

    Some possibilities- bearing in mind we don't know how much corruption your PC may have experienced-
    Try creating a new user account for test purposes. Do you notice any change?
    If you are on build 1511 you can try an upgrade to 1607.
    If you are on build 1607, try an in-place upgrade repair install.
    This would be the safest thing to try in this circumstance (rather than SFC /SCANNOW ....)
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    64-bit Windows 10 Pro build 17713
       30 Sep 2016 #3

    Hello chermish, and welcome to Ten Forums. :)

    You might check using the tutorial below to see if the windows may be offscreen. If so, then you should be able to drag them back.

    Offscreen Window - Move Back to Desktop - Windows 7 Help Forums
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  4.    01 Oct 2016 #4

    Well, Dalcina' you're right, my HD is ailing, SMART test shows a warning for Current Pending Sector (100). How serious is this problem?
    As to your other tips, I started by trying to bring the taskbar items to to main board. While my efforts were successful, they brought temporary relief. Still, since I could bring a window to the fore, I decided to run an update.
    Unfortunately,the update ended with a full reinstall of win10.
    My system is now operative, But I look for a HD replacement.
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  5.    01 Oct 2016 #5

    Hi, I'd make rescuing any data you haven't backed up your priority.

    Did you know that disk imaging
    a. provides a full backup
    b. if you'd created disk images routinely, you could simply have restored an image of your system to a new disk?
    c. a side effect of creating an image is that it may well detect disk corruption, 'cos of the disk having to be read correctly?

    So when you have a functioning system again, I'd really recommend you start using disk imaging routinely. (Oh, you'll need e.g. a large external USB disk or other media.. so if you don't have something large enough - say 2x your total data minimum- you may like to et that at the same time).

    Creating disk images lets you restore Windows and all your disks and partitions to a previous working state, quickly and probably without technical help.

    You can recover from:
    - a failed disk drive (restore to a new one)
    - ransomware (which encrypts your disk)
    - user error
    - unrecoverable problems from failed updates to problem programs
    - unbootable PC (hardware faults aside)

    Images also act as a full backup- you can extract files too.

    You can even use images to help you move more easily and quickly to a new PC.

    Imaging can even help you sleep at night knowing you have a second chance.

    Many here recommend Macrium Reflect (free) as a good robust solution and more reliable than some others. It’s
    - more feature rich
    - more flexible
    - more reliable
    than Windows Backup and Restore system images.

    It's well supported with videos, help and a responsive forum.

    There are other such programs, free/commercial, some with simpler interfaces, but Macrium R is one of the most robust and reliable.

    How long does it take?
    SSD+ USB3 - maybe 15 mins for the first system image, less thereafter
    HDD + USB2 - maybe 40-50 mins
    That’s with little personal data, few programs installed.
    - of course, depends how much you have on C:
    (You can and should image all your partitions and disks)
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  6.    02 Oct 2016 #6

    My relief report was too early. Yesterday, upon seemingly successful of a few programs and a comprehensive windows update, I tried to reboot and to my alarm, my problem showed up again, same taskbar restriction. Even worse, my dual boot startup menu disappeared, I can`t even reach win10 safe mode.
    Is there any way to get out of this muddy situation?
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  7.    02 Oct 2016 #7

    Hi-Are you using a new disk? Have you done a clean install? Where are you up to?
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  8.    02 Oct 2016 #8

    dalchina said: View Post
    Hi-Are you using a new disk?
    Not yet. All stores are closed for the coming holiday and I must opt for alternative, cloud storing, for example. Is there a free cloud offering such a huge storing option?

    dalchina said: View Post
    Have you done a clean install? Where are you up to?
    No, it wasn't a clean install. Since I don't as yet have a complete backup of my data, I preferred to use the less demanding option (which proved to be insufficient).
    I did download the Macrium Reflect (free), though.
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  9.    02 Oct 2016 #9

    I managed to bring my icons to the desktop. My display was set to two extended displays. Now it's overlapping and working.
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