Had a wierd problem over night as when I switched on the TV this morning all had changed.

I've had my PC connected to HDMI 1 for years with UHD color active and had no problems whatsoever. Last night I was playing 'The Division' on the PC using the TV as my 2nd monitor, the in game video setting are 2560x1440 at 59hz and I've been playing like this for months. All I did last night when finished was to exit the game and put the TV in standby mode.

This morning when I started up the game my display settings on the PC was only showing 1 display, it would not recognise the TV. I tried the other HDMI ports and it would only work on HDMI 3, this is the only port that is greyed out in the UHD color settings. When I turn off the UHD on the other ports, HDMI 3 is still the only one that works. I've tried different HDMI cables all to reqiured hi standard but still no Luck. I have connected other devices to HDMI 1,2 and 4 and they work fine.

I can use it on HDMI 3 but the real problem occurs when I play the game @ 2560x1440 it will only run at 30hz. If I choose the 59hz setting in the game the display disappears. The wierd thing is, it will run at 3840x2160 @59hz