I am a Win user since about 1990. Just more than a year ago I bought a Win phone (Lumia) as well. I drank the cool aid of integration.... but I am now soooo tired of this BS.
1. On the PC. Win 10 and anniversary edition. Like it. Then got seduced into joining insider fast lane (why not? see the new stuff...).
One thing about this o/s that has been irritating me like crazy for a year now was the seeming inability to have a "sleep"setting that actually works. Then, after installing the anniversary edition I finally solved it....
Settings/Update and security/For developers/Remote desktop/change settings to allow remote connections - then in "remote" tell the system not to allow remote connections. I mean... talk about hiding away an IMPORTANT setting....
But it worked! Till this morning. No sleep anymore. Only on and HD working like crazy or switch off.
Then I thought - let me go back to when it worked. So I went back to a previous update. Still not working - but now: I cannot go back to any other installation because I have updated 10 days ago - so the system tells me.
And I got a message that on 1 Oct the o/s will start rebooting every hour....
Meanwhile it seems something is downloading all the time. Since I cannot know what is working the HD, I guess I must accept it MAY be a new update? As opposed to some dork has hacked and is playing with my system.
All I am left with is - let it continue and if in an hour or so it still goes on and I still cannot sleep the PC, I must reinstall the third party backup that I - thank God - made a month ago.
And then switch OFF THE INSIDER RUBBISH cause MS does not take the trouble of telling me - the totally free tester of their sheet - what the hell is going with download and update and stuff.

Mobile phone: This is a disaster of big proportions. Maybe on the level of one day looking back and saying "that is where MS's plans all went down the Nokia tube..."
Win 10 on the mobile, well, with every update it seems some bug of the past is reinvented.
A few things - I cannot do phone banking anymore as the banks lost interest in Win 10. I have now installed the banking app on my old Android phone to use from there.
The ONLY browser that is allowed privileges on Win 10 Mobile - "Over the Edge" - is a piece of trash.
When I try to read a news site the further down I scroll, the bigger the type gets till it ends up with a word or two on the screen. (Opera does not do this, it handles the type and the mobile format VERY well.)
I cannot cut or copy a paragraph of text anymore. Only the whole text or nothing.
It cannot share links with Facebook.
When I open a site it keeps jumping back to previous sites long since closed.
The back button has become slow and semi responsive at times.
And then the important thing - I CANNOT download and install any good browser except Opera!
Fitbit. Sigh.... I bought a Fitbit. It used to work on this Win 10 phone. Then as updates came and went, it stopped working. Then it worked again. Now it is at times working. Once again - I now use my old Android phone or the PC for Fitbit updating.
Then the Store. Your store is a joke. Period. It started out in embarrassment and then went downhill.
I am looking at Android phones at the moment for the next update. The main reason - I want to be able to do phone banking without having to pore over an unresponsive and up to sheet browser on a small phone screen.
The one time I did do banking on the phone by logging on to the bank website with Edge a few days later - to my shock - I noticed that Edge automatically saved all my banking passwords! Ready for any thief of the the phone to use at his pleasure! And with that would have gone any bank protection as well because the bank informs me of the opening of new accounts etc ..... by sending a text to the PHONE!!!!
I shall never try to do phone banking via your browser again. Which leaves me...... unable to do phone banking with a Win 10 phone. It cannot be done (on Opera the connection with the bank does not happen).
Are you really unable to write an operating system for a mobile phone????