Win 10 Anniversary Update 1607 - The Worst Ever? Solved

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  1.    19 Sep 2016 #31

    "Because the router and the computer are separated by 2 distant rooms"
    I hear you. That is why I also carry a 100 ft. Ethernet cable so I can at least get things setup and running when called for.
    Do you have both an ISP router and an additional wireless router?
    If you have an additional wireless router, update the firmware.
    I just had a computer using a TP-Link USB adapter behaving just like you are explaining
    The owner had a Netgear wireless router that hadn't been touched since he installed it 4 years ago and updating the firmware worked for him and he's still using his TP-Link
    EDIT: There have been times I have had to bring the computer over to where the ISP router is.
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  2.    19 Sep 2016 #32

    I use Logitech Unifying dongles on just about every PC I own. No problems accessing the BIOS with those wireless keyboards, or booting to Windows, or doing updates or upgrades. My desktop motherboards are fairly old too, ASUS M2N68 and an M4N68. There hasn't been a new BIOS for either in years and years. I've had glitches after doing an upgrade to a new build. No such issues after doing a clean install with that same build though. Doing a clean install takes some time, but add up how much time and aggravation you've already spent and it may not seem like that bad an option.
    I haven't had to install a driver manually in a long time, when running Windows 10. What's not already on the install media gets installed in the first 5 or 10 minutes via Windows update. That's usually just the Video and Sound drivers. YMMV of course. Use a wired connection temporarily during setup and your WIFI issue may be solved by a Windows update. Or plug in, then delete/uninstall the TPLink adapter from Device Manager. Then unplug it and replug it in, if its USB. Then let Windows install a new driver. Then unplug the wired connection and see how it goes.
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  3.    19 Sep 2016 #33

    unplugging uninstalling, reinstalling, auto detect, fresh driver install. tried everything.

    So you mean to say that i should give Clean Install a try for this 1607 update?
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  4.    19 Sep 2016 #34

    shobhitk said: View Post
    unplugging uninstalling, reinstalling, auto detect, fresh driver install. tried everything.

    So you mean to say that i should give Clean Install a try for this 1607 update?
    If all other efforts fail it may be worth a try. If you go with a clean install don't forget to save all data and files you don't want to lose first.
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  5.    19 Sep 2016 #35

    shobhitk said: View Post
    i have checked it and there are absolutely no driver updates for my system. if you remember the old days of windows 98 then it was in those times that we had to worry about the drivers. Since windows xp came, thinking and worrying about the drivers became a thing of the past. Windows 7 mastered the art of managing almost all the drivers of its own.

    Then why again the issue of drivers in Windows 10??

    Anyways my problem still persists...
    Drivers issues are way more a bigger issue now and have been because there are so many more types of components. We've gone from 32 bit to 64 bit and IDE to SATA to PCI connections. Graphics and sound cards have moved to higher resolution High Def and Ultra High Def and surround sound and many other new things. We have wireless cards now and Bluetooth and even Miracast devices. About 99.9% of these devices are made by 3rd party companies from even the company that make the PC let alone the OS.
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       19 Sep 2016 #36

    shobhitk said: View Post
    ... But in this case MS is making the 'good' drivers, 'bad' for no real reason. I mean if they were working uptill 1511 then why cant they work on 1607?
    Every new version of an operating system (and sometimes new releases like AU) introduce architectural changes to the basic OS software. That can be to fix bugs, introduce new function, improve performance of old functions, etc. And that basic low level operating system code is what drivers interact with to drive the hardware.

    I suspect (based on absolutely nothing!) that the AU introduced some architectural changes that Microsoft wanted in Win10 but didn't make the initial cut. It's unfortunate, but not terribly surprising, that some drivers worked in 1511 but not 1607.

    And sometimes drivers work with the new architecture until something trivial and unnoticed changes. I had a sound card that did not have a Win10 driver. It worked fine using the Win7 driver for about 6 weeks; then it died. Nothing obvious had changed, but the card no longer worked.

    You had a device without a Win10 driver. It worked for a while with the old driver. That means you were lucky. It stopped working. I'm afraid that means your luck ran out.
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       19 Sep 2016 #37

    Gina66 said: View Post
    ... Some of these issues are because M$ didn't bother to test anything before they released it. ....
    This statement is ridiculously absurd. While it's true that MS couldn't possibly test every possible permutation of hardware/software, it certainly tested many permutations. Making a blanket statement
    that they didn't test ANYTHING is just plain wrong.

    It's unfortunate that the particular hardware/software that you have in your system had issues with the upgrade but there are many of us that have had very few issues.
    Last edited by strollin; 19 Sep 2016 at 13:24.
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  8.    19 Sep 2016 #38

    shobhitk said: View Post
    unplugging uninstalling, reinstalling, auto detect, fresh driver install. tried everything.

    So you mean to say that i should give Clean Install a try for this 1607 update?
    Yes. If you run the current Media Creation Tool, you will get the 1607 ISO, which you can clean install The AU with. No having to do any upgrade. Until the next build comes down the pipe. As mentioned, back up what files you don't want to lose to external media. I keep files I don't want to lose on a separate partition or drive to make clean installs easier. I also back them up to external media, just in case I have a hard drive failure etc.
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  9.    20 Sep 2016 #39

    hmmm....long long road ahead...will try that out.
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  10.    20 Sep 2016 #40

    Seems to be hit or miss. Luck of the draw, what ever you want to call it. I've done upgrades and had no issues. Next time I have an issue. If I can find a reliable fix in a day or two I'll just keep on truckin. If it takes me any more than a couple of days, and its an issue that's frustrating or annoying me, I'll just start over with a clean install. I can have Windows back up and usable in an hour, or less. Then install Office and I'm good for most of what I do on a PC. I just pick away at the rest over the next couple of days. Games mostly. I'm retired with simple computing needs. I do get why some don't want to clean install though, especially if they have a lot of software installed.
    Little problems can add up over time too, if you've done a several build to new build upgrades. This is a new situation for Windows users. In the past you'd wait a year of more for a Service Pack to show up. And several years for a new OS to show up. Not so anymore. Even though its upgrading through Windows update, its still a big upgrade going from one build to another. It's like going from Windows 8 to Windows 10. The more changes made to the new build the more things to potentially go wrong. Then add in any third party programs that people use to change how Windows works or looks. Modified start menus for example. Those can mess things up inadvertently.
    Anyway, what ever you decide, I hope you get your system running the way you want it, with no glitches etc.
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