I have recently wiped my system clean from my hdd and installed windows 10 on an ssd and am using the hdd as a storage.
I had run Windows 10 perfectly fine before wiping(When an older version of windows 10 was installed onto my hdd). After the wipe and installing, I have been experiencing random freezes about 40-70minutes into using the computer. Whether I'm watching a video, playing a game or just using the comp, it freezes everything.

When it freezes, I cannot access the taskbar, task manager or anything and need to hard reset it. However if I was playing a game, I could hear the audio from the game perfectly fine, I could move in game and shoot but the screen as well as any other program open would still be frozen.

Going idle, I would usually come back to a frozen screen, or a norton boot repair tool that shows up when my computer freezes.

Things I have tried to fix this issue:
1)Set Link State Power Management off in my power settings. Set turn off hard dist after to 0 minutes.
2)Reinstalled windows through "Reset my PC"
3)Uninstalled graphics drivers with DDU and installed it again through safe mode.
4)Did the sfc /scannow command in command prompt as administrator.
5)Did a windows system memory diagnostics.
6)Tried using the computer in safe mode, but it still freezesafter a while.
7)Ran the computer with 1 of 2 ram sticks in to see if it was a problem with the ram.
8)Cleaned CPU fans, reapplied thermal paste.
Anyone have any clue on how to fix it?