Start menu folders are not indexed

  1.    15 Sep 2016 #1

    Start menu folders are not indexed

    Hi all,

    In win 7 I was able to put folders and shortcuts on the desktop (or every indexed folder) and when I went to:

    - START
    - SEARCH

    I was able to write a folder or shorcut or even a portion of them and Win 7 gave me immediately the chance to click on them (just like it does for programs or system programs).

    In Win 10, nothing... shortcuts or folders in the desktop or even in the START MENU, I go to Cortana and try to write them... NOTHING.

    I am able only to search for programs and system tools.

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  2.    15 Sep 2016 #2

    Hello, using the Cortana search bar you should be able to
    - find anything that's been indexed (but no files/folders that have not)
    - find Settings
    - find start menu entries
    - be directed to an internet search
    - get Cortana 'thinking' by asking questions like 'What did you dream about'

    I've probably missed sthg.
    Now when you say you can search for programs... what distinction are you making between
    universal apps
    desktop programs
    system programs and features
    start menu entries?

    For clarification, could you post
    - a screenshot of your start menu showing some entries listed down the left side
    - a screenshot of Cortana open using Windows key + S, where you have typed one of those start menu entries


    Note: coming from Win 7, you will most likely be really happy using Classic Shell (free) - especially if you upgraded. Win 10's start menu fails to express a start menu based on folders and subfolders, taking out ALL the shortcuts and listing them alphabetically.

    Thus I get

    where these are all for separate programs.
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  3.    16 Sep 2016 #3

    Nope, I am happy with the new start so I will try to explain better what I aim.

    I put a folder, a file or a shorcut (to a folder or to a file) in the DESKTOP.
    You know the DESKTOP is indexed.
    I.E.: I make the folder "TEMP" and I put into the desktop.
    So, I go to START and I simply write "TEMP" or "TE" or "TE*" and Windows 7 immediately give me that folder in the results of the START SEARCHING (beware I am speaking about START SEARCH not about SEARCH in EXPLORER!).

    I put a folder "TEMP" in the desktop.
    I put a shortcut to "TEMP" in the START MENU.
    I go to start "WIN KEY" and I write "TEMP", "TE", "TE*", BUT I NEVER OBTAIN IT!!!


    If I go with WIN KEY and write an APP, or an INSTALLED SOFTWARE (e.g. Office, Filezilla, etc) it will immediately find.
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  4.    16 Sep 2016 #4

    I put a shortcut to "TEMP" in the START MENU.
    Could you explain how you did this, and give a screenshot of the start menu showing the shortcut is visible? (e.g. via PrtSc)

    As you'll know you can't do this by drag 'n drop with the start menu's limited features, you have to put it in the appropriate folder. So I'd like to check you have done that.

    Finally can you confirm you can find other shortcuts e.g. to Store, Mail, Photos... successfully.
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  5.    29 Sep 2016 #5

    sorry for my delay, I need now to solve this. It's a too big issue for me to tollerate.
    I am sorry I cannot do screenshots, because I'd need a video or a slideshow to show.

    I try to make things easier so you can reproduce it:


    Now I go to Cortana and write: "PIPPO", "PLUTO", "PLUTO.DOC", "PIPP*", "PLU*", ETC.

    Cortana will never FIND that folders or better it works only with files that are on "C:\USER\*.*".

    It's not to my PC, I try at office, I try in virtual machines with W10 (even older builds). Always the same issue.

    That's my problem... please... help!!!
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