Today it was the third time in 2 weeks that this happened to me. I was looking at the clock and it showed 9:04, while when I clicked it it was already 09:34. When I clicked on the Whatsapp icon on the taskbar, Windows Mail got started and when I clicked the Windows mail icon, everything got minimized. I tried to make a screenshot, but I was unable to launch paint, the start menu worked fine, but it resulted in a blacked out window. I couldn't even start task manager to restart explorer.exe.

I've also got Windows randomly freezing, sound tends to play another 5-10 seconds longer, but then also stops working. The only thing I can do is shutting the power down. And sometimes I get random black pixels, like dead ones, but moving across the screen when scrolling. I know the problems in this paragraph are probably hardware related, but I thought maybe they could be connected the problem in the first paragraph.