read only in windows 10 directories. main hd and external

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    windows 10 marks directories as "read only" and i am unable to change

    this happened today. I cannot save some files from a program I am using very easily as well.
    prior to this, I had changed permissions from a system file from "trusted installer" to myself as the administrator, which I also added to the separate administrators group.
    i removed registry keys related to a program i had problems with.
    mcafee detected a Trojan from a few days ago with no clear instructions on how to remove it. i probably got it from a website.
    mcafee also said something recently was detected. also downloaded a PUP and let it install thinking it was another program, but it wasn't. the installation was fishy as it didn't show anything in the installation screen. but next, and cancel or something like that. nothing ran afterwards visibly. i ran mcafee but it didn't seem to find anything new. running other programs now. only thing is that i had changed power settings to turn off the screen before the system went into sleep mode, and turn on the screen saver, and it got stuck in lock screen before i restarted. i don't know which thing made my system the way it is now. Microsoft says it might be virus. but i know i need to find the fix. this read only issue is all over the internet with no solution listed. will changing the system directory back to "trusted installer" work? will turning off "administrator" which is also active right now? will removing my current administrator account from the administrator group work?

    basically it is that if i try to write some files to desktop or other drive, i can't in a certain way. if i right click on those folders, they are read only, though my account as administrator has all privileges but special. if i uncheck read only, it is still read only when i open it again.

    I don't really know why it is checking everything as read only. someone at Microsoft says it is probably a virus, but this issue has been reported by many using Windows 10 who had updated it with no clear solution.
    -some try to use "take ownership"
    -some try "marking directories as "everyone as owner"
    -some try making "home user" or something
    -some do something in registry to adjust it. I forget what exactly that is UAC or something?:
    I did not try to disable user account control...... somebody said that worked.. link says it is not a good idea.
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    should this be posted under user accounts?
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    You could try resetting all the permissions back to Default in windows , Running an InPlace Upgrade Should do that for you while saving your files ...make sure to chose that option though....during the Upgrade.

    Repair Install Windows 10 with an In-place Upgrade - Windows 10 Forums[2]=Installation%20and%20Setup

    Another Option would be the Windows Repair Tool which can reset Permissions only , open the 5th tab and Uncheck EVERYTHING , then scroll down to permissions and check off which drives you want it done on. ( no affiliation I have used it for this ONLY myself before)

    Make sure your important Data is backed Up somehow just incase 1st..... with either Option - Windows Repair Free/Pro

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    If i can't back up data, which option is best? I want to keep data. I need external drive and other drive fixed in this but somehow whatever changed in Windows affects both
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    I had no issues with either , I just don't like suggesting stuff that could go sideways without people knowing what might happen.

    However... I was thinking about permissions before ONLY ...... Do you have an Image backup of Windows? made with the built In Utility or better yet Macrium Reflect Free ? If so I'd just reImage it.... assuming the image isnt a year old....too much Data lost then....

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       09 Sep 2016 #6

    I thought there was some recovery memory thing, but I don't show restore points (or I don't know how to access them in windows 10). I think there is some recovery memory thing because of some day that I had some issue in startup because I didn't know how to enter safe mode.. this system is fairly new, and I probably got it at the end of june (at least it is possible that I did, but I am not 100% sure. it could have been later). I don't believe there is any image backup. I might need to try to do the repair tool. but I don't really understand this all since I did not install windows on the external drive. the external drive had backup files from windows vista. but it seems that some setting in windows 10 is making it read only along wiith windows 10 folders. it doesn't make sense to me.
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    Windows 10 does not have restore Points on by Default , you can look at this Tutorial

    System Restore Point - Create in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

    If you got a Virus , eg a Ransomware type one , it would of made everything Read only so you can't access it , then it askes you to call a number to pay them , then they fix it for you.....

    Try the Repair tool Permissions fix , if that doesn't work I would try the inplace Upgrade .

    Or since it is so new it will have a Recovery sequence , eg press F12 at boot , so you can Reset it to windows 10 , just like the day you Bought it. Check your manual or online at HP. You will lose any of your programs and documents , music, pics etc... with this method...

    Ask more questions 1st if you need too
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    well, permissions change did nothing but remove special permissions from admin and my main account, then restore some other permissions to system files.. everything still read only. even on external drive, which I don't think was previously. this is a strange thing. it is also frustrating. I really don't want to reset everything. I had to copy my music and picture files from the external drive and install iTunes on the new system an authorize it.. it was a lot of trouble to get everything moved from crashed vista system (it was old), to the new windows 10 system.. but now everything is damaged because either windows 10 has some error, or a virus was removed, but can't tell what it is.

    I really would prefer not to do in place upgrade since I don't want to do that again and everything currently seems messed up on both drives with permissions still, and can't tell why. if it is not from a removed virus, but it is from a windows 10 error somehow affecting both drives, this is crazy. should not have to do something like a factory reset. recovery mode on my system does show something that maybe there are restore points. maybe I check that. there is something for image backup or whatever, but maybe that is drastic too. I don't know if I ever made that.
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    It's not a good thing to play with Ownership of Files on C:\ especially System files , or C: Drive itself, I learned about Windows Repair Tool after Using a Take Ownership Of C Drive after Reading it was Ok to do on Drives too , Warnings have now be added about C: Drive in particular

    Owner of Files and Folders - Change in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

    This Tutorial has since been re-written and the .reg files changed , it will no longer allow you to Take Ownership on C Drive as noted in the Blue Text Box.

    Take Ownership - Add to Context Menu in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums
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    An inPlace Upgrade doesn't remove or change your settings , just system Files but I don't know if it can fix this..... I guess in the future you will Use Macrium Reflect to image the system ever 2-3 days to your External so if something like this Virus happens again you can quickly Remedy it .(12-15 mins for a re-image.)

    Not sure an Inplace Upgrade can fix the External Drive files either ,if the are all Read Only but one problem at a time....

    Download Avast Free Or Avira Free and leave MacAfee behind..... Try Eset's Online Scanner too see if it finds anything.

    and Install MalwareBytes Anti Malware if you haven't already too.

    Perhaps see if Unlocker can help you too

    Unlocker Download

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