Windows 10: After update: Black screen with spinning loading circle

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    Windows 7
       14 Nov 2016 #11

    XweAponX said: View Post
    GREAT! I'm glad something worked. I'm going to have to add this to my bag of tricks now, seems like it happened to me on an 8.1 machine. I worked on it here, then gave it back to it's owner who had all different KB/Mice/Display, and it got stuck detecting his hardware, and his Ethernet was disabled and I hadn't seen that (Using a Netgear Wifi stick). Once I got it plugged in here, everything worked so I just added his hardware and display and removed mine, and presto. The system depends on the Ethernet being able to connect to download the drivers.

    Seems like Windows 10 did that to me last week when I was assembling a new PC for my neighbor and it did an Anniversary Update on me. It had to re-detect all of the hardware. The whole process took about 3 hours just to finish updating, and I rolled back from Anniversary ed almost immediately.
    The system I'm dealing with wasn't connected to the internet here, and already has AU. I had already rebooted it a couple times. The customer had done a recent remote session after calling one of those "microsoft support" phone numbers that was stuck in their browser.

    System was working just fine. Just did that reboot after uninstalling a couple remote connection programs, then got hit with this issue. After removing the USB dongle and it booted I checked the device manager it had about 6 failed HID devices with an "!", HID-Compliant Consumer Control Device, and HID-Compliant Vender Defined Device. I tried to delete one of them and device manager froze. I rebooted and all the bad devices were gone and plugged the USB dongle back in.

    So I don't know if Windows 10 kept trying to create multiple HID devices for the USB dongle and failing or what. But now it's normal and it's plugged back into the original USB port and boots okay. I also disabled Fast Boot for the heck of it because I do have another computer here that won't boot after a "Shut Down" if it's enabled. Now there's only one "HID compliant mouse" device in "mice and other pointing devices". Go figure. Just another Windows 10 inconsistency bug.
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  2. XweAponX's Avatar
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       14 Nov 2016 #12

    After update: Black screen with spinning loading circle

    Well most of the drivers for the most common devices mice and keyboards etc. are supposed to be included, right? But I always like to be connected to the Internet and I tell the system to download the drivers from there, I always get better drivers that way- except for display drivers, if they are not automatically installed when I do the initial installation of windows 10, then I use any CDs that they gave me to install.

    So maybe this has nothing to do with the ethernet it just gets stuck at a certain point I've noticed that certain printers do this to me too, I mean even on windows XP I will have to unplug the printer before the device will boot and then after it comes up I plug it in and it detects the printer and everything's fine. I've had it also happen on windows seven and eight as well especially with brother printers.

    I don't know why the system is trying to load new drivers after an update seeing as the proper drivers were already loaded before the update so this is just a continuous "WTF" from Microsoft
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    Windows 7
       14 Nov 2016 #13

    XweAponX said: View Post
    I don't know why the system is trying to load new drivers after an update seeing as the proper drivers were already loaded before the update so this is just a continuous "WTF" from Microsoft
    Well, the piece of shit. I connected to the internet and did about 10 or so updates for Office and windows for this month. After the reboot it did the same thing. Right when I removed the USB mouse/keyboard dongle it continued to boot. But, the initial logon background showed up, I click it and it zooms in on where the user name and password box should be, but it's empty. I selected Restart and it's just hanging at Restarting. Forced a power off/on and it's booting again. Plugged the USB dongle back in. Maybe it's broke or failing, hmm.
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       15 Nov 2016 #14

    After update: Black screen with spinning loading circle

    Well that PC I worked on yesterday, the guys mouse was broken when he got it home so he couldn't do any right or left clicks.

    Sounds like you might have to do a system refresh or something. Or try to boot to the recovery partition if you can.

    Yeah when I had anniversary ed force updated into the system I was working on, it changed the entire login experience. But in general all of my apps and users and settings were intact.
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  5.    14 Mar 2017 #15

    BIG thank you!!

    Saved the day, if not the week.....Instant painless fix when removed wireless mouse dongle!!!!
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  6.    25 Mar 2017 #16

    Windows 10 1607 update stuck on second reboot solved.

    Mmmx235 said: View Post
    JIGSAW, Try unplugging any type of USB wireless connections. I encountered the same problem and had that screen for almost 12 hours until I unplugged the USB dipole for my wireless mouse and restarted my laptop. Now it's right back to updating.
    I unplugged the USB dongle and the update continued.
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  7.    24 Apr 2017 #17

    I just like to report that I have tried the method suggested and it worked for me!

    The Windows 10 1607 Update has been failing since Sep 2016. It was stuck at the spinning circle screen. Every time I just let it restored to the previous version. Until lately did I start looking for solution. I applied the fix from Microsoft and verified that the registry key was removed, but it was still occurring.

    Yesterday, after reading this thread, I tried the update again, and at the spinning circle screen where it was stuck, I unplugged my wireless mouse dongle and the update process continued.

    Thank you all!
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       24 Apr 2017 #18

    I am having issues with the black screen with the spinning circle. The computer will sometimes do this. When I do unplug the USB dongle for my keyboard and mouse, it will bring up my windows starting screen, but when I plug the dongle back in, the keyboard and mouse do not respond at all until I restart the computer again and hope that it will come up. I know this was a problem a while back and that Microsoft put out a fix for this problem, but the fix must not have worked for me. So I need to know what I should try next. I was about ready to format the hard drive on this particular computer and go back to Windows 7 or even Linux.
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  9.    03 Jun 2017 #19

    XXL JIGSAW said: View Post
    My laptop did the big update this morning and now for the last couple hours it has been stuck on a black screen with a white spinning circle. What should I do? I'm inexperienced in areas like this and I don't want to ruin my computer.
    it's not a windows 10 update problem put your old graphics card back in let it load the screen then take it back out and put it the newest one you have that solved my problem.
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