Stevekir said:
I have never actually seen "Libraries" in Windows 10 (that is, something actually calling itself "Library"). I know what they are from W 7, and as someone above said, they are smart, presumably because they are effectively a shortcut which gathers up together various folders such as "Documents" (and any others added by the user). But "Libraries" as such don't appear in my computer anywhere (not that I worry).

However, Option 3 in Brink's tutorials quoted above (first image clip) seems to imply that "Documents", "Music" etc. are themselves Libraries, whereas in W 7 they were folders in Libraries. I think.

Now I'm confused.
Steve, :)

This PC folders are links to only your actual personal folders. Think of these folders as just for quick access to files in your personal folders.

Libraries have folders you included from any location. You can set one of these included folders to be the default save to location when you save something into the library. The folders are still at their original location, and you can also access them from the library. If you like, give libraries a play with to see what you think.