Windows 10: The big picture.

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  1.    21 May 2015 #1

    The big picture.

    I've been thinking about all that's been mentioned about the "One version of Windows" and why they are doing it. This is something that just occurred to me. Right now, you have several versions of Windows to chose to install like Windows 7, and Windows 8.1, if you don't want Windows 10. Eventually there will be just one version of Windows. Once Windows Vista, 7 and 8 reach end of life Microsoft doesn't have to support them any more with updates and security fixes. And sales of those versions will stop. There will just be the one version of Windows. The continually evolving OS. If you buy a new device and want Windows on it your only choice is the current offering. No buying last years version etc. You take it or you leave it. They only have to support that one OS, especially if they make updates/upgrades mandatory. There will be no having to convince you to upgrade to the latest version, you will have no choice. It's just Windows. Microsoft will save big bucks by not having to patch several versions of Windows at the same time. Once your in to the new Windows your in for life. Good or bad.
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    Vista has already left mainstream support, and will leave extended support in April 2017 (2 years from now).

    7 ended mainstream support last January, and will leave Extended support in January 2020 (4.5 years from now)

    Windows 8 ends mainstream support in January 2018 and Extended support in January 2023 (7.5 years from now).

    Both Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 have already stopped retail sales. OEM sales have ended for Vista, and will likely end for 7 fairly soon. Windows 8.1 retail sales will end when Windows 10 goes on sale.
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    That's my point. In the past as each legacy OS dropped off another new version appeared on the scene. This isn't going to happen anymore. There will be just the one version of Windows take it or leave it.
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  4.    21 May 2015 #4

    And by merging Win10 so it can run on all platforms that will save MS money as well.
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  5.    21 May 2015 #5

    It's defiantly going to same them money as far as patching bugs etc goes. In stead of having to patch multiple operating systems there is just the one. If all devices share a common core its all that much easier again.
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  6.    21 May 2015 #6

    It's the right way to go even if it changes things that we didn't want changed. I think of the past versions of windows and the work required to keep everyone secure, their legacy software/features working and understand why they would choose to have one os.
    They want an ecosystem like apples with the hardware choices windows users have now.
    Look at android( if you give people to many ui choices the user experience can suffer) I love and use android but it's true.

    If they are smart they will use the feedback system to keep the approval of most users. I'm sure if they do any big ui changes like with the start menu they will let the fast ring users test and voice their opinions and concerns. As long as Microsoft listens things will go well. Now if you don't agree with the majority you might just get left out.

    Besides a handful of features power users would like to see in windows what else can they really add to keep people upgrading?

    They probably watch Apple say we had blah blah blah amount of all our user upgrade to our new os. Then they'll poke fun of windows and how everyone is stuck on win 6, 7 etc..

    It's part of them realizing money is going to be in an ecosystem instead of a bare bones os. How many complain about the lack of android apps in win phone?(like YouTube, or Gmail) They want to evolve.

    I'm not sure how I feel about all of this but I understand it from their point of view.
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  7.    22 May 2015 #7

    Hopefully, a lot of these added features show up in "Turn Windows features on and off."
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  8.    22 May 2015 #8

    There might be a plus to HW side too. HW mfgs can predict OS requirements for longer periods of time for easier driver development and more legacy compatibility. That should make it more compatible down the road. Every investor likes knowing future in as much advance as possible.
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  9.    22 May 2015 #9

    Down the road maybe. The mandatory driver updates through Windows update are why I can't run the preview on my laptop. It's causing issues for other users too.
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  10.    22 May 2015 #10

    I think if they are going this route they should not have any version number attached to the Windows name. Just call it "Windows" and that will make it clear and simple.

    I like this one windows idea a lot and would gladly pay for the updates but it all comes down to price.
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