Windows 10: I Need My Ctrl+Win+D Keyboard Shortcut Back

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    I Need My Ctrl+Win+D Keyboard Shortcut Back

    Hi, I used to use Windows 8.1 and I have an application that I use which uses a Control + Windows Key + D (Ctrl+Win+D) keyboard shortcut. But now in Windows 10, that opens a new Desktop. I want to disable this shortcut, and activate my shortcut that I use for that application.

    Can somebody please tell me how to permanently disable certain Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts so I can use that shortcut for my application instead?

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    What did that shortcut do?
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    Well, almost coincidentally (apparently Microsoft has been watching me ), I used that keyboard shortcut for this application called Macro Express. This program I have opens up every time I boot the computer. So since it's open all the time, I set that as a shortcut (that I got used to) which opens a program that is called DexPot. DexPot is a VERY similar feature that, well... creates a new blank Desktop!! LOL what a coincidence, right?

    You see, i would have No problem with the whole Windows 10 Task View (the thing that took away my shortcut), IF this feature allowed my other shortcuts that I'm used to.

    You see, when DexPot is open, I had also manually set keyboard shortcuts to move certain active windows to the other Desktop.
    For example: During DexPot being open, I select this Google Chrome window to make it Active, then I press Ctrl+Win+Right Arrow to send this window to Desktop #2. (And vice versa, while being in Desktop #2, I can press Ctrl+Win+Left Arrow to send whatever window over there to Desktop #1).

    Right now, I had to redefine that shortcut that opens DexPot to Ctrl+Alt+Shift+D (yet that is inconvenient, since I still use Ctrl+Win+Arrow to move stuff from Desktop to Desktop; this new shortcut kinda throws me off my logic that I was used to)

    So there's my story for ya =)
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    (Macro Express keeps an eye out for any shortcut that you have defined for it to recognize, and it would do whatever command you have set that shortcut for.)
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    You see, I am completely OK to redefine that shortcut in Macro Express to Ctrl+Alt+Win+D to use (to open DexPot, which would open up a 2nd Desktop for me), and proportionately, redefine moving windows from Desktop #1 to Desktop #2, and vice versa, to Ctrl+Alt+Win+Right/Left Arrow, yet Macro Express does not support that! =/
    (You see, I want to keep the Win key in the equation, because that will always remind me that it's another Windows Desktop)

    Since Windows 10 Task View took over Ctrl+Win+D keyboard shortcut, it's just too bad that they didn't include the Ctrl+Win+Right/Left Arrow to move windows from the first desktop to the second desktop, third, etc.

    Please somebody help me?
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    Get a keyboard that allows you to define shortcuts to extra keys, or use remapping for Function keys with the Alt or another command function. Not much you can do when an OS needs those particular mapped functions to work properly.
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    You see, even if I switched it from "Ctrl+Win+D" to "Alt+Win+D", I get the Calendar/Time popping up! Ugh, does anyone have any other suggestions?
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    Here are ones defined by Windows you might choose to avoid:

    Note the first comment here about overriding Windows defined hotkeys:
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    Okay, thanks for the list of combination shortcuts to avoid, yet I don't want to disable them all either. I still want my F2 (Rename), F3 (Search), etc
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    Hmm, well, so far I made a slight adjustment. The reason why I still slightly prefer Ctrl+Win is because I can easily press the Ctrl with my center finger, and Win with my index finger, without looking at the keyboard.

    Yet, I re-defined the Macro Express shortcut to open DexPot (which once opened, it will create another Desktop) using Win+Alt+Keypad Plus Sign (cannot use Win+Alt+D because that will open the Windows calendar).

    In DexPot, I have Win+Alt+Keypad 2 to select the new blank Desktop (Desktop #2), and Win+Alt+Keypad 1 to select the original Desktop (Desktop #1).
    Also while DexPot is open (while in Desktop #1), I have Win+Alt+Right Arrow as a shortcut to move the current Active window to Desktop #2, and vice versa (while in Desktop #2, Win+Alt+Left Arrow is used to move the current Active window to Desktop #1).

    So now I rest my ring finger on Ctrl (used to confirm the location of the bottom-left-most key on the keyboard), center finger on Win and index finger on Alt.
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