I use two monitors (the laptop monitor + a VGA monitor). I connected a 3rd monitor (HDMI) for a while, then disconnected it as I didn't really use it. Since I disconnected it, one of the programs I use always opens on the laptop (main) rather than #2 screen where it is when I shut down. All the other programs I have tried seem to remember where they were when shut down - whether it is monitor 1 or 2, and size etc.

Even the subsidiary windows of the program in question open in their correct locations, it is just the main part of the program that insists on coming up on the main monitor.

Some detail - Win 10, program in question is to do digital communications for amateur radio - called fldigi. I tried reconnecting the 3rd monitor, but the problem is still there, so disconnecting/reconnecting may have just been a coincidence.

Any ideas of how to make the program open on #2 monitor in the location it was when last used? It used to be OK up till I changed the monitor arrangements recently.