I had a similar problem under dial-up on Win7 when I lost the
connection which I made on my admin LID (logon ID), and then switched
to the Guest LID (ERROR_FAST_USER_SWITCH). I fixed this by ensuring
that the adapter had Owner=System (B 4, it was my admin LID). WiFi
always worked (it was already System).

However, under Win10, after FINALLY feeling safe to open up WiFi
(after implementing a "system" to (hopefully) ensure I avoid the
"Microsoft Virus" MALWARE (ie: FORCING Win10 on a working Win7
system, and FORCING WinUpd fixes)), with Owner=System, while
streaming an audio URL under the Guest LID (GuestX; made using a
previous post in this forum), when I switched back to my admin LID,
the sound was lost. When I switched back to the Guest LID, the sound
came back on, meaning it was still playing(running).

This loss of sound occurs for other .wavs played under my admin LID
while logged onto the Guest LID (reverse of the above), but not for
all. In particular, tasks under WTS (Task Scheduler) w/highest
priviledge and as SERVICES (per TASKLIST) DO still sound under the
admin LID even while in the Guest LID, but other tasks (in
particular, a previous post of mine which restored sounding my
personal .wav during logon via WTS) as CONSOLE do NOT (latter easily
test-able since my .wav is 17sec long yet goes quiet when I do a FUS
while it's playing/sounding(hearing) (per PROCMON)).

Is there some setting/registry hack on Win10 to keep the CONSOLE
audio stream sounding on the Guest LID while switching back to the
admin LID, and vice-versa, a la under Win7? Or does this become just
another reason (now problem# 45 for me, 8 still pending, btx Win7 and
Win10) to stay off of Win10, or, at a minimum, don't do a FUS (for
me, I have to run an additional CONSOLE task under the Guest LID to
basically repeat playing the sound that would normally be heard under
the admin LID)?

And please don't bother responding with "install the current
fixes"; if you can't come up w/a specific KB#, that kind of guess
isn't a solution, and usually causes/breaks even MORE things (as I've
already experienced, MANY TIMES, which forced me, MANY (and now LAST)
TIMES, to restore the entire hard drive from a current backup!).
The problem I had in Win7, and its' answer, WAS a solution.

Thankx for your time...