moving music/docs files to the new save drive location

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    moving music/docs files to the new save drive location

    Hi all,
    I have recently changed the drive for my "save location" as it was getting a little full. The new drive is in place OK and new music/docs etc are now stored on the newly allocated hard drive. I do still need to move some files from the old "data" drive but I can't see how to do this , other than on a one by one basis. Is there a bulk copy procedure or a "my documents" re-allocation that would auto move the files?
    Dave H
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    It's an excellent idea to move your data away from your Windows partition or drive.

    Like Music, Photos, the Documents properties sheet includes a Location tab. I presume that's what you've been using, if that's what you're now referring to.

    However, if you're referring to moving bulk files and folders in general, Teracopy (free) is often recommended.

    My personal preference is to copy, then delete, rather than move when moving many things - why? If sthg goes wrong, you can always try again. If sthg goes wrong during a move, you may lose data, and yuo may spend a lot of time tidying up.

    Note that moving the default folders, whilst supported, may catch you out at some point. Many programs esp. multimedia programs, create their own folders here. If they are poorly programmed, they may use the absolute path to those folders, and either then fail in some manner or create the folder tree on C:

    I prefer to leave the defaults where they are, with minimal content, and use my own folders on other disks or partitions; these can be added to libraries if you wish. There's nothing very unique about these default folders - more like them can be created.
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    Thanks for your considered response. As with most things, this problem isn't that straightforward. I switched to Win 10 last July (2015) having processed through win 7 , and win 8. The bulk of my music and docs etc having followed me through from when I used XP. (My god, that seems such a long time ago now.). I just popped the old drive concerned into my new box (last July) and carried on. That drive started to get a little full, so I changed the default "save location" and this serviced all new docs,music etc. I now wish to move the music, and pictures from the original drive, but can only seem to do it at the top level i.e. "Documents" , music, pictures, etc not showing a location tab to facilitate block transfers. I don't wish to move everything as that would just recreate the original problem, I need to be selective down to sub folder level within each group. I don't seem to be able to do this. To cap it all I upgraded to the anniversary Win 10 version (1607?) and that version/build made the drive with all my music on disappear from my configuration, and would only see the "new" save location drive. I did roll back so no lasting damage was caused - phew!
    any thoughts
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    Hi, The sort of thing you need to select from a tree structure and copy only those selected is this (I think):
    SyncBackPro Help

    Note it has free/commercial versions so you'd need to check if the free version suits you.

    The picture I have is that you have 3 drives. You have relocated the default library folders to a separate 'new' drive and that's fine.

    Your old data drive has a similar folder structure (Documents, Videos etc ), these having been created by previously relocating these folders. You were hoping to see a Location tab in properties for those folders, but don't 'cos these are not 'known' to your current Windows as relocated folders.

    So what actually is the problem with copying folders from the old data drive to the new one? The original problem was your drive was getting full. Presumably your new drive is bigger, so what is the problem that concerns you now, other than the tedium of copying, depending on how selective you need to be?

    Explorer can copy folders- Teracopy is supposed to be more reliable, faster, so you don't have to copy files 1 by 1.

    Regarding your disappearing data on upgrading- this happened to quite a few people when they upgraded to the previous build (1511) - this seems to be a user profile problem.

    Lost files and folders on desktop after windows 10 upgrade - Page 2 - Windows 10 Forums
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    dch1950 said:
    I don't wish to move everything as that would just recreate the original problem, I need to be selective down to sub folder level within each group. I don't seem to be able to do this.
    And how about copying everything and then deleting the folders you want to stay on the original disk?
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