I did something really stupid with the Documents shortcut. need help

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    I did something really stupid with the Documents shortcut. need help

    Both of my PCs got hacked awhile back, and I'm finally past that with my Desktop, Laptop is next, have formatted my drives, done clean install on Windows 10 Pro... Then I made a big boo-boo. I feel silly even posting to the forum, but I can't figure out how to fix it.

    I always have a C drive for Windows and a D drive for my data. So after I install Windows, the first thing I do is modify the shortcuts for Documents, Downloads, Pictures, etc. Then I do a restore of my data, create a restore point, and do a backup.

    Well, when I changed the Documents properties, for the location I put 'D', instead of D:\Documents. Now the Documents Icon says 'D', and when you right click and look at properties, it looks like a hard drive. It looks exactly like Drive D looks.

    I haven't restored any data yet, so Drive D is empty.
    I'm attaching pics so you'll see exactly what I mean. I really hope it can be fixed, otherwise the only thing I know to do is reinstall Windows. And I'm soooo over messing with these computers.

    Thanks for ANY help.
    Here's a pic to demonstrate.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails I did something really stupid with the Documents shortcut. need help-documents-shortcut-error.jpg  
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    "I haven't restored any data yet, so Drive D is empty. "

    If you just re-installed Windows and have not moved the backup data from your ext drives to the new D/should be Documents folder, yet, the easiest thing to do is to create a new User acct as another Admin (will have to be diff name than main acct). This one should have the correctly named Documents folder so named from the hidden Default User profile template. Verify this. Delete the account with the empty but incorrectly named folders. Reboot if you want to make the User name same as the orig, if preferred and do the shortcut destination properties correctly this time.
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    Oh my dear friend. You're a lifesaver.
    I've been so peeved at myself for doing it, I couldn't really get into 'solution' mode. Thanks a ton.
    Now you promise me you'll have a great day. You've made mine a lot better.
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    No, you made it a lot easier by realizing your mistake before you copied gigs of backup data to some of the folders, in which case, you'd have to move all that data from the, about to be deleted User's folders, to the corresponding New User's folders. Do not forget that there are desktop items that need to be moved or copied over, if you've made changes there and, more than likely, not backed up before.

    Please mark this thread solved, if, after testing, the issue is resolved to your satisfaction, so Others with the same issue can find your topic and solution more easily. Cheers
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    Worked like a charm. And I literally had only done two things before that stupid blunder. Installed ESET and Chrome. So my desktop only had the pic I took to attach to my post and 2 shortcuts.
    I decided to keep the new user name. I've been using the same one on my desktop for eons. Thought maybe it would change my luck if I used a different one. Just to be safe, I left the old, bad user out there and that's just a bit of insurance in case I forgot something.

    But your're right. At least I realized it early. Like - the instant I did it and clicked OK! Now I'm just getting Chrome up to speed with my addons then I'm going to restore.

    Since both my laptop and desktop got hit by the hackers, I've still got the laptop to get cleaned up. But I've decided I'm going to have some fun with my PC for a week or so before tackling the laptop.

    C Ya. And thanks again.
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    "I decided to keep the new user name."

    Even easier ! Good to hear your problem was solved so quickly. Good Luck with the laptop.
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