I'm using a laptop running Windows 10. Last night I got an audiobook via Audible. To do so, I needed to sign up via Apple or Android or some other option. I chose the Windows option, because I'm using a laptop, not a smartphone. It needed me to login to my Windows account (whatever that is). I put in my Gmail address and said I don't remember my password. It sent me an email so that I could set up my new password. Finally, it installed a special Audible 'app' (as opposed to a traditional application), and began downloading the file.

Now here's the problem. My login screen now features my full name and my email address, and it only accepts the new password from last night. This makes me screaming crying furious. I want it back to the way it was.

An additional problem is that one of my AutoHotKey shortcuts has been disabled. Because Windows 10 has a completely useless file search function, I use the third-party freeware called Everything. Normally, all I have to do to call up it is press Win+F. But now pressing that does nothing. If I use the Start menu to run Everything, then pressing Win+F works again. But I have to start the program first, otherwise the shortcut doesn't work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.