No techie at all but hope this helps....

For some reason the monitor suddenly went blank this afternoon saying "No Signal". Spent a lot of time and read a lot of posts via Google trying to sort it out without success until I read something somewhere about "Define power buttons and turn on Password protection" in "Power Options" none of which I really understood. However at the bottom it said "require or don't require a password" which as I'd already created one ignored and was about to continue looking.

Then at the last moment I thought why not so ticked the box that said "Don't require a password" re-booted and the monitor came on ! Strangest of all I had to enter my original password again and so far it's been fine ever since.

I'll leave it all to the experts but I was already thinking I'd have to buy a new monitor even though this is only a couple of years old so obviously very chuffed - though I've still got my fingers crossed.

So if it's of any help to anyone....?