Desktop unlocking puzzle

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    Desktop unlocking puzzle

    I have a GKChain Gatekeeper device. It consists of a USB dongle and a separate battery powered key which I keep on my belt. I suspect the key and dongle communicate via BlueTooth protocol, but I may well be wrong. It makes no difference though.

    The USB device locks my desktop when the signal from the key falls below a pre-set level. When the signal comes back, it unlocks my desktop (by knowing my ID and password).

    However, the unlocking sequence seems a little erratic. I can approach my PC, and I hear the "Notification" sound, which I presume is associated with the Desktop Unlock event. Usually, the desktop unlocks, as it should. But occasionally, I end up at the login screen instead, and am obliged to select my userid and enter my password. The whole point of installing the Gatekeeper was to avoid having to enter my password... (whilst remaining secure)

    It's hard to see what might be going on, as I use the desktop lock/unlock events to trigger a program which turns the display power off/on as appropriate. I'm going to suppress the display off part of my program after I've submitted this thread, in case it sheds light on what's going on.

    In the interim, does anyone have any suggestions why I should be getting the sound that I associate with Desktop Unlock, but without the desktop locking?

    Might I find some clues in the system Event Log?
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    What does it show the signal strength as and what range is it set to is the battery ok
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    Samuria said:
    What does it show the signal strength as and what range is it set to is the battery ok
    I replaced the battery this morning, so it's showing "good".
    The key is on my right hip, the USB dongle about arm's length to my right (plugged into front of PC) and the signal strength is around 80%

    At this juncture, I suspect we should all wait until I've tried a few experiments. I apologise for posting before I'd collected the facts.

    I've stopped my program from turning the display power off when the Gatekeeper locks my PC, but something is turning off the display less than a minute after the desktop locks... my power settings were turning the display off after 1 hour, but I increased that to 5 hours. The display still blanked soon after Gatekeeper locked the desktop.

    I think my next step is to find out why my display is blanking after the desktop locks.
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    I'd recommend reaching out to the manufacturer. Maybe they can offer some assistance.
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    Helios said:
    ... I'd recommend reaching out to the manufacturer. Maybe they can offer some assistance.
    Therein lies the heart of my problem, there are two suppliers: GKChain and Microsoft. The law of mixing suppliers states"The number of problems that you get in a system is proportional to 2 to the power of the number of suppliers."

    I'll start with GKChain. They admitted that their trace recording "leaves something to be desired" and would be upgraded in some future date. Then, I might be able to get a handle on the problem. At the moment, I don't know if the Gatekeeper software is failing to issue the unlock request, or it is being issued, but not honoured.

    My apologies for the delay in replying; there have been other matters on my mind.
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