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    Scramjet said: View Post
    (quote from a site I was browsing)
    "Now all we need are some pointers on the cost for Windows 10 after the first year promotion."

    If Microsoft is going to make Windows 10 a 'service' and we all jump of the cliff and into Windows 10. What are we agreeing to in the long run I wonder? Can we go back to Windows 8.1 or 7 after the first year?
    If I read it correct a spokeperson for Microsoft made reference to Netflix as a similar service. We all know they charge a monthly fee for that service.
    My mind is going crazy here now lol
    My wife's laptop is running Windows 7 and working great and I am running Windows 8.1 and it is running smooth.

    Anybody care to comment on this or if any have extra news along this line.

    MS has a goal of getting everyone to Windows 10 which will cut their supports costs and increase their potential income from the store. MS is releasing tools that will make it easier to port all other platforms over to Windows and those applications will be available in the store. If MS ever does offer Windows as a subscription it will be added ad as an option not a requirement. Software as a service means OS updates to keep everyone on the same version.
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    FD611V said: View Post
    Bill Gates didn't make his billions giving away the store. You, and I know somewhere, someone is going to pay for the "costs" of creating Windows 10 and the costs of the upgrades and , etc. So, tell me where is Microsoft going to get their money that is "due" for what Bill Gates considers some extra billions in his stash drawer? I have a "sneaky" felling we all will pay a fee when it comes to Microsoft making the "necessary" upgrades that we must have for Win10 to continue to run.
    Well making an OS free and potential the biggest software vault available in the store is how MS will make money and the support costs will be lower. They are expanding their hardware market with Hologens, Surface Pro and Surface and the Surface Whiteboard. The have SQL Server, MS Server XXXX, Exchange, Azure and many Cloud technologies.
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    Allow me state that I don't think Microsoft will ever go the subscription route. When money gets tight people usually cut some services such as newspapers, magazines, lawn care, maintenance, etc. They may stick to the Windows they have until the bitter end. They might look for another OS.

    So far there's been a lot of good suggestions on how they save and make money. And no, Windows isn't a big money maker for them in the public sector. Also keep in mind it won't be free forever.

    About a week ago someone posted in a thread that Microsoft was in the advertising business. Some what of a complaint at that. It got me thinking. How will they make a lot of money? Just a guess, but I think it's simple. Just how Google makes billions with their core business > Ads via a search engine. In this case Bing integrated in the OS via Cortana. I think they had this planned long ago. It'll be optional to turn it off, but most commoners won't know that or really care.

    While Cortana uses Bing for searches she also does a lot of other tasks linked to other apps such as the Calendar app, News app, Finance app, wakes a device, opens an app, find someone in the People app & call or text them just to name a few. It/she has her own notebook that's linked to one's MS account as seen below. This is on my Lumia 1520 running Windows 8.1. It will be the same for "stationary" editions.

    Attachment 19363

    I would imagine a lot of people will use Cortana so won't turn it off therefore using more of Bing for searches rather than Google cutting into Google's cake. They won't get the whole cake but they will take it pretty big piece. Imagine just 10% of Google's cake. That's a lot of moola!

    Just as an example I searched for "furniture" as seen below. It gives me suggestions that I might want to choose also.

    Attachment 19364

    The results:

    Attachment 19365

    Notice the "Ads related to furniture" above the white line. Just as with Google ads when somebody pushes those Microsoft makes a small fee. Anything below the white line is complimentary.

    Why is Windows 10 free for now? The sooner Microsoft gets people using it the more money they make. An OS is more than just an OS nowadays. I noticed that in Windows 8. This adds to the idea that it is a service rather than just an OS.

    Call it a scam. Call it "leading the blind sheep". Call it whatever you like. I think it to be a rather ingenious idea that helps users in their daily lives. And this is just really the beginning of the Modern app ecosystem.
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    . I think it to be a rather ingenious idea that helps users in their daily lives.
    Isn't this what science fiction fans have been wanting all our lives? A computer that knows what I really want/need? My ex-wife didn't, but my PC will! HA!!
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    Something that adds uncertainty to my mind is this. As long as one person decides to stay with Windows 7 and one in 8.1 won't MS be forced to create updates for the life of these products anyway? This being the case why is it to MS advantage to push as many folks as possible into Windows 10?
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    Windows 10 will be free to those that qualify for the life of that device. If you buy a new PC your going to pay for Windows on that device. The OEM will have to pay Microsoft a fee for every device they install Windows on. Most if not all of that cost is passed on to the consumer who buys that PC. Either way Microsoft makes money on new PC sales with Windows preinstalled by the OEM. If your own a PC with a non genuine OS, or one running XP or Vista, you don't qualify for the free upgrade. If you want windows 10 your going to pay Microsoft for it. Build a new PC your self, again if you want Windows your paying Microsoft for it. so tell me again how Microsoft isn't going to get revenue from Windows 10? Also, my bet is your free upgrade is not going to be transferable to another PC. Free for the life of that device. Your PC isn't going to last forever.

    EDIT: Forgot to add, this free offer is a limited time offer. If you wait until its over to upgrade, you'll be paying for it.
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