When I change between Virtual Desktops in Windows 10, the order of applications in the taskbar changes each time I return to a Virtual Desktop. Is there some way to retain the order?

To explain, I have a specific order of applications in my Windows taskbar - Directory Opus leftmost, then VMware Workstation (if open), MobaXterm, Outlook, etc. I don't always have the same applications open, but by arranging them in the same order it's much easier to find the right one in the taskbar without really searching.

The problem comes when I go back and forth between virtual desktops. When I return to a desktop, the application (or their icons in the taskbar) are reordered either randomly, or by some logic I haven't found yet. So I start with Directory Opus, then Outlook, then Notepad++, then Chrome - switch to virtual desktop 2, return to 1 and it's Chrome, Opus, Notepad++, Outlook. Not that big a deal with 4 icons, but when I have 10 it really slows me down.

So, I'm looking for ideally a way to lock the position of the applications in the taskbar, or failing that some other workaround.