Dialogue box text throughout the system is blacked out.

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    Windows 10 V. 1809 Build 17763.134 (64 Bit)
       23 Aug 2016 #11

    Try changing to a different Theme and see if you get results. Microsoft has had this bug rear it's nasty head all the way back to Windows XP according to my research. Has to do with the Theme files getting corrupted. Hope this helps.
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  2.    23 Aug 2016 #12

    Thanks Dale,
    I'll give it a go (while I can read the dialogue text!!!).
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  3.    23 Aug 2016 #13

    historytom said: View Post
    Aaaarrrgh!!! It's happened again!!! How do I do a complete replacement? I have saved everything I want to keep on an external HD so I am happy to wipe the thing clean and start again but I don't have any installation discs.
    Does it happen in Safe Mode?
    After a clean boot?

    If it's 10 days or less since you upgraded to the anniversary edition (1610) you can roll back to the previous build.
    (See tutorials or search on net for info as to how).

    If you use disk imaging- as everyone needs to to help recover from unbootable PCs/failed disk drive/user error/ random event (?)... then you can restore the disk image you previously created, and have your PC working exactly as it was when you created the image.
    That takes typically under an hour- less if you have an SSD rather than an HDD. A huge time saver compared to a clean install, + install programs, recover data from backup, redo settings...
    E.g. Macrium Reflect (free) + its boot medium + external storage.

    Thought: if you have a spare hard disk, try a trial installation of Win 10 on that and see if you get the same problem.
    Question - is it related to the anniversary edition or sthg else?

    If it is, then doing a clean install of that won't solve it.

    If neither of those options is available and you wish to do a clean install you can:
    - download an iso file from MS for the appropriate version of Win 10 (and even the previous build)
    Windows 10 ISO Download - Windows 10 Forums
    - create a bootable USB by downloading it from MS
    USB Flash Drive - Create to Install Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

    Keeping the bootable flash drive or DVD is useful:
    - to boot an unbootable PC (hardware faults aside)
    - provide recovery options
    - to use if you wish to do an in-place upgrade repair install
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  4.    24 Aug 2016 #14

    Hi all,
    after the latest occurrance of this I got really annoyed but thankfully I refrained from throwing the laptop through the window.

    Instead I did another System Reset. This took about an hour but afterwards I realised lots of things had changed (Mail etc.)

    Could my initial problems have been caused by the "Anniversary Update" not loading correctly?

    So far (famous last words) everything seems to be ok. Not enjoying having to completely re-personalise the system though!!!
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  5.    24 Aug 2016 #15

    Hello, you will find it helpful to start using disk imaging, which everyone should use- so many advantages, strongly recommended here.

    So you create an image/images of your disks/partitions when your PC is working.

    Something goes wrong which you can't fix even with tech support- or you don't want to waste the time trying.
    Restore the last image(s) you created.

    Your disk fails, you buy a new one, replace it. Clean install? No..
    Restore the last image(s) you created.

    Your PC is unbootable:
    Restore the last image(s) you created.

    Want to recover data you've lost?
    Get it from the image(s) you created.

    Obviously this can't help if you have other hardware faults.

    What do you need?
    E.g. Macrium Reflect (free) + its boot medium + external storage.

    Means you can take a small step back, then go forward again. Much quicker than Reset and setting everything up again.. much less stressful.. much lower chance of losing data.
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