First of all, I will say that none of this happened before the update that windows forced me to do. After the update, I got a bluescreen that said "DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL", but I don't think that's relevant.

My problem is that after the update, whenever I'm exporting a video using AME or Premiere Pro, I leave a program called MouseJiggle open. What it does is move the mouse when I'm away to prevent the computer from going into sleep mode. Anot her strange thing that happened after the update is (and it has never done this before) that when I tried to open MouseJiggle, A little box told me that I would need additional software to use that program. I had to download .NET framework before it would run.

After I got the framework, MouseJiggle worked perfectly. I started encoding a video with AME, and left the computer. When I came back to it about an hour later, the screen was dark and when I woke the computer up, both AME and MouseJiggle were closed. The export had not completed. After many more attempts at encoding the video, I came back to the computer either frozen or the programs closed. One time, the bluetooth mouse wasn't working. Only the keyboard.

So I tried to export using Premiere, and it just froze at 5%. I have been told that windows has something that terminates programs if they're consuming too much memory, but that wouldn't explain MouseJiggle closing. Also, since I have Win10 Home Edition, I don't have gpedit, and therefore cannot disable it. Keep in mind, NONE of this happened before the forced update.

My specs: (I know I'm starving it with 8GB of RAM but it's worked fine before)

This is not new for Microsoft, I have a new problem with Windows every day. Please help. Thank you in advance.

(I posted this on the MS forums too: )