Hello every one,
I am new here, so I have been using WIndows 8.1 since 2014 since I bought new Lenovo laptop which came with 8.1 preloaded. During 2015 when Windows launched 10, it was upgraded for FREE and since then I have been using Windows 10.

Till yesterday I really did not have had much problem, but today while I was working and browsing through Amazon to look for one of the product sudeenly I got a blue screen with message "Your PC ran out of problem and will be restarted, you can search for later "Critical Structure Error".

It then restarted and loaded everything is fine and as of now it is working just fine, what does the message impact to me? Should I do anything or just relax as it restarted properly.?

So confusing, it showed Critical Error and now working absolutely fine I so worried now. Please guide me if I should do anything to further check for any error or fix or to see whether it is fixed.?