I installed Windows 10 Pro in May 2016 and on Thursday installed Build 14393.51. Everything has been working fine until today. Using a new version of DuplicateCleaner.... versions Pro 4, my 4 desktops and 2 laptops are clean and synced.

However, I decided to update my Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox to their most current versions using the EDGE browser with BING search. In both cases, the browsers downloaded and installed great that is, until I went to use Chrome I received both English and Asian (Chinese I believe and others I've not seen. The same happened with Firefox.

I tried to attach 2 PDF files but the download started but I never saw them in the Manage Attachments. When I went back and tried to try downloading again (the Paperclip Icon) it wouldn't work.

As for trying to get English (US) only, I've not been able to do so as there are no way I see to do so using Control Panel and or Settings. Also, I've deleted and reinstalled the 2 browsers 3 times with the same results.

Am I alone with this issue? Assistance please.