I believe I have some problems with the inbuilt installer on my PC. Some programs will continually not load without errors.
I apologize if this post is not in the correct forum but no doubt someone will advise.

I have upgraded from Windows 7 to 10 user the tutorial from Brink and using the ISO option. It didn't work to well the first time - it hung trying to download the updates. It eventually got there but there was obviously not a good load, so I restored and a few days later tried again without the updates and it went smoothly. However, I have many entries in the event log that need attention. One in particular is the AMD load for the graphics - it says every time I do it that basically it was a load with errors.

Looking on-line it appears that the 64 bit installer should have an entry at HKLM\System|CurrentControlSet\Services|MSIServer. All I have is an entry pointing to the msiexec.exe in the sytem32 folder, whereas msiexec.exe also appears in the WOW64 folder as well. The on-line general opinion is to change the image path to point to the WOW64 location.

Anybody got any views on this or am I not looking in the right error? Any views will be appreciated. Thanks