Good Afternoon All,

I am a bit lost here and was wondering if anyone has had similar experiences or knows of any fixes. These are work computers hence the difference models all clean installs of windows 10 not upgraded T2 versions now downloaded from volume licensing.

Our installs are cleaned install from Windows install disc all updates applied attached to domain and then put into a group with various policies applied (different policies depending on location of building)

However they all have in common random issues to do with sleep/shutdown

Lenovo Edge 71:

This is the biggest problematic one you press shutdown and it starts the shutdown process and ends with the screen going off but the computer itself never ever goes off (we have left one for over 24 hours in this state) and in the end you have to hold down the power button to get it off. This happens on ALL E71 computers with Windows 10

Lenovo E72:

This one is not too much of an issue it is intermittent and we don't experience it alot but computers fail to come back from sleep the light powers on but nothing ever on screen and needs a button hold down to power off.

Lenobo E73:

Now this is the most interesting. They go and return from sleep ok except I get some very interesting problems on different machines:

  1. I have a machine that can not double click on folders (or even right click and open) just does nothing then after several minutes they start working again but everything else appears to be working during this time
  2. Another machine Outlook fires up but the persons signature is missing (These are stored in %AppData%\Microsoft\Signatures\) and the file is there and readable. Whats more if he tries to add an attachment it gives up the error of insufficent memory. However closing and reopening Outlook fixes the problem. But this happens even if Outlook was closed before sleep and opened freshly after sleep.
  3. I have had desktops go blank upon powering back on but they are redirected on the network and a simple right click refresh fixes it so its like the network isn't coming up fast enough but this does cause lots of support calls.
  4. We have also had the same problem as the E72's where the screen doesn't come back on from sleep however I haven't experienced this for awhile now.