, so I was going to restart my laptop and it said update and restart so i dis that. After it restarted, a blue screen came up with the error NTFS FILE SYSTEM and it automatically restarts. Hp logo comes on and it says preparing automatic repair. The screen then turns black for A few seconds. After that another blue screen pops with the error FAT FILE SYSTEM. It restarts again and it goes into a continuous cycle where I can not use my computer. It has been going on for 40 minutes now. I don't know what to do.

rry if this was hard to read, I wrote this on mobile.

Also, this error never happened to me before and it started when i restarted and updated my computer.

Taking out the battery turns it off but I still keep getting blue screened.

Also, ctrl f8 f11 does not do anything
Shift f8 does nothing

This is my only laptop and I can not afford a new one so I'm freaking out right now, all I did was "update and restart" from the start menu and now I can't even use my laptop as I constantly watch it go from blue screen to restarting to black screen with hp logo to blue screen again.