Hello. So yesterday i got clean new laptop without an OS. It's Acer E5 574G
So i installed win 10 pro X64 from install disk and i installed NFS Most Wanted 2012 and everything was ok. All drivers working and it automaticaly used Intel HD on desktop apps and Nvidia Gforce 940M on fullscreen apps and most wanted ran 60FPS(Frames per second) on all high graphics...
So today i turned up pc and it said this error message 0xc000000d error code.
I want to fix this issue and i have question..
Why?? It was clean install and laptop was perfectly new. I just bought it yesterday..
I think windows 10 is another win Milennium.. Don't be rude at me.. It's just i got new pc and next day it shows error.. It's not normal Microsoft.. If i fix this issue and it keeps coming back... I'll buy windows 8.1 install cd