My Hp laptop was upgraded to win 10 last week. The hard drive in the laptop was always stuffing up. basically, everytime windows booted up, it would do a countdown from 8 seconds. if you didn't press a key within that time period, the computer would try to 'repair' the drive. I guess it was for a good cause, but it would always freeze at 1%. it was going fine until... yesterday the countdown didn't appear: it went straight to the repair screen. after shutting it down with the 5 second shut down, and booted it back up it said Preparing automatic repair. it would lead into a screen where it said, "repairind disk errors, this may take over an hour" (might not have gotten the wording right). I left it on for 3 hours, nothing. :( . It alternates between the two. When i did it once, on the "repairind disk errors, this may take over an hour" case, i went onto a... screen. (check the attachments)Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	95635Also, i can reset the pc, but i have microsoft office 2010 in there, and i dont think i can reinstall it (if you know of a way, plese tell me)

Thanks in advance