I have a Surface Pro 3 running Windows 10. When I bought it, it performed flawlessly. Now, after who knows how many updates, not so well.
Frequently, scrolling rushes away from me as though I gave the touch screen the sharpest “flick” imaginable. This happens at least once every 5 minutes. And it’s not restricted to any one program. At other times, the screen simply freezes and won’t scroll at all. If I wait 10-15 seconds, this fixes itself. Sometimes the “x” box in the upper right corner of a window gets stuck. I click it, and nothing happens. This also fixes itself if I wait long enough.
If I’ve recently started Microsoft Solitaire, pressing the “new game” button does nothing – at least nothing right away. Five or so seconds later, a new game will start. This delay happens for the first 30 seconds or so I'm using the sofdtware. After that, a new game starts immediately.
Any thoughts on this? Any fixes?