Dear all,

I have this issue that has been driving me nuts ever since I upgraded my Windows 10 Pro x64 to v1607 (from 1507) recently. It's a desktop PC with a trusty old Logitech MX518 plugged into a back panel USB 2.0 slot. Same symptom with or without Logitech Gaming Software installed. Tried it with another (noname) mouse but same story. PC is free of malware, no sign of anything out of ordinary other than this. Needless to say that everything was working fine prior to update.

So what happens in the video is that when I click and hold an item and make a fast movement with the mouse, it loses focus of said object and drops it right there when it happens. This rendered drag&drop an infuriating trial and error process.

Another strange behavior I noticed is that 'shaking' a window will minimize another magically. What is happening?!

I'm not sure if the two symptoms are related to one another, I'd just like the mouse to work normal again, just as before the Anniversary Update. Is it because of some new mouse gesture or tablet oriented feature? I'm left puzzled here.

Thank you for any response, highly appreciated!