I'm soo frustrated! Days of tweaking and I'm almost done and run into an issue like this.

I put the pc to sleep and it turns back on instantly.

I've narrowed it down to my Ethernet/lan but the thing is - it's always worked before.

Now if I disable the Ethernet connections it will sleep fine.

The only settings I changed were the receive and transmit buffers (which should have no effect?) and the disabling of admittedly a lot of services. (All researched and 90% had been disabled before without killing sleep).

Could have nothing to do with services but I'm kinda stuck on how to proceed with my troubleshooting. Don't want to have to re dump Windows ugh!

I know I can likely turn off wake on lan and resolve it but two things stop me. 1) it wasn't necessary to be off before and 2) I intend to use wol as my pc is going to double as a media server.

Little help here gents :)