So, I have an Explorer sidebar cluttered with broken things. I'll put this in list form so it's easiest to digest:

1) Installed Windows 10. All was well.
2) Began using OneDrive.
3) Re-directed Pictures folder to OneDrive (D:\OneDrive\Pictures).
4) Decided to go back to university. University offers a free OneDrive Business account with 1TB of storage and free access to all the Office apps. Score! Saving 10 bucks a month!
5) Migrated all of my files from personal account to University account.
6) Logged out of personal OneDrive account.
7) Personal OneDrive folder is stuck in the Explorer sidebar and points to the old OneDrive folder, which it keeps making even if I try to delete it.
8) Tried to re-direct pictures folder to "D:\OneDrive - University\Pictures" and get an "Access Denied" message.

So, I'm stuck with a OneDrive folder in the sidebar I can't get rid of, and a Pictures folder that points to nothing and can't be changed. What can I do to rectify this?