Hi there

On a re-check with the long file names issue it seems by using the registry fix some programs can use them.

File explorer perversely won't accept them which is a bit odd as that's probably the place most users will encouty the problem when copying / moving files.

On attaching a Network drive (from a Linux system) with music files PLEX media server and Logitech media server were quite able to serve the files to the remote devices (Bose wifi speakers and remote chrome / googlecast). Both these devices have probably built in Linux OS'es in them so file handling isn't an issue. My Squeezeboxes could also ply music served up from Logitech media server.

Anything that requires "explorer" functionality like browsing the directory fails so VLC won't play the files in Windows --not a VLC codec problem but Explorer browse function.

If your application calls the windows explorer functionality for browse it will fail unfortunately.