I just upgraded my computers to Windows 10. On my older desktop, fonts have been awful looking and I've played with every setting I know about until i seems they should all be broke! Then I stumbled across a post in Windows TenForums about Windows 10_DPI_FIX.exe.

I'm kind of a chicken about trusting programs that aren't familiar to me since I'm no techie, but I was so frustrated with this computer display that I set a restore point and went for it.

This is a wonderful forum and I love all your tutorials about so many things that one can Google and find. You've helped me out so much and you just did it again with this little program. Nothing scares me more than messing around with drivers, but I was about ready to try installing a new Display Adapter, which was thrown at me by Nvidia.

I just wanted to express my appreciation to this forum, and I hope if there are other "computer dummies" out there who are having trouble with their display/appearance since upgrading to 10, they will see this and give this little program a try.

Wonderful relief is what it gave me!