Installed 10 tech preview a couple of months below workedfine then crashed today. No problem Windows hade me burn a window 8 backup.Try to use the backup need activation code customer service tells me can't giveme one (REALLY TERRIBLE SERVICE) then they send me to the windows 10 experts.No problem just download the latest version of 10 and burn ISO file. Started upwindows takes me through the install can't get past install the updates, so Icall the 10 people back. They take me through up to the point of install, can'tget past they say they can't help me out. (REALLY TERRIBLE SERVICE). I tellthem I trusted you need to help me get at least Windows 8 back, they say theycan't help me out, (REALLY TERRIBLE SERVICE). I personally asked everyone Italked to, are you a Microsoft employee figuring they would really want to helpme out, I guess being one doesn't matter that much. (REALLY TERRIBLE SERVICE).I also mentioned that with all the bad things surrounding the Windows 8 launch,wouldn't they want to get this right, it doesn't matter. (REALLY TERRIBLESERVICE). Microsoft you really messingup again haven't you learned anything, or are you just that arrogant.