First one with windows 10 anniversary update

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    Looks like the update has decided I'm not using my PC at the moment so has started the update - I can always start-up a laptop to continue work if I want to so will let it carry on I suppose, though the laptop will likely take a while to update it's normal updates
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    Barman58 said:
    Travelling all the way to NZ to download an OS - that's dedication (it's more than a time-zone that tells MS where you are, or everyone would do it )
    Hi there

    Ever heard of TOR browser --use it all the time -- I actually LIKE a lot of BBC progs and when I'm outside the UK it works brilliantly - even in a Car I can get BBC 5 Footie commentaries on Internet --we have on the whole here fantasic Internet trhat most of the UK would DIE for !! wifi even works with good speed in a car in SW, Iceland - Reykjavik metro region (if any Icelandic area can actually have a "Metro size city" !!).

    To make it work --use portable Router to create access point .
    I use this one

    D-Link AC750 Wi-Fi Portable Router with Charger

    D-Link AC750 Wi-Fi Portable Router with Charger: Computers Accessories

    logon with TOR to your private access point
    now spoof IP to route via UK

    then Set mobile phone to Wifi using access point
    logon to BBC Iplayer --radio

    Output phone headphone into AUX in on Car radio.

    Job done -- no VPN's neded etc.

    @ UK users I do actually Buy a UK TV licence when I'm staying for a period in the UK so I'm not basically "Swindling the system" --just getting my money's worth. !!!

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    Windows 10 Pro x64 Latest RP

    No need I never leave the UK these days - health reasons mean no insurance or flying at present
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 Latest RP

    Interesting factoid with the upgrade installer - I run two monitors and my default monitor is actually monitor two. The update started on main monitor and is now on extended monitor which is of course monitor one. I did not have monitor one powered so just looked like a blank monitor part way through install.

    If you use multi monitors, have them all switched on to update

    It's now switched back [emoji6]
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    As always, we will be the last to get it, Wednesday the 3rd is when OZ will get it.
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 Latest RP

    On final lap logged back in now have a few patronising messages to click through. I'm protected in an online world and there's a start button to press...
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    Barman58 said:
    No need I never leave the UK these days - health reasons mean no insurance or flying at present
    Hi there and especially @Barman58

    still have a few gigs -- I'm "Semi-Retired" these days - but it's still great to have some gigs for 2 / 3 days a week for a little while -- gets me out of the house for a bit etc.

    Even in Nordic countries State Pension isn't the best to live on so a few extra "pennies, euros, dollars, Kroner " or even roubles is always welcome !!!.

    Two things though I do notice though in recent years --a) Airports get increasingly Hassle filled -- even though most are now Giant Shopping Malls with "Flying attached" as an add-on and b) kids are hideously ill-behaved compared with my day --not sure if this is just bad parenting or Society in general not regarding Manners or respect of other people's space as important any more. I won't go on about that as that's a huge whole other issue.

    Strangely enough though whatever people say about the French in general they do seem to have relatively well mannered kids !!!

    Hopefully you still can get out and about --loved Wales in the Euros recently -- and we knocked out the English - still got souvenirs from that trip.

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    swarfega said:
    Also due to timezones, it will be difficult to assess who was the "first one".
    Exactly. They stagger it out. to keep the load down. I forget what the start time is, since it has been a long time when Microsoft has pushed out a major upgrade to users.
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    Thread Starter

    So, no one has it?
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    lopedoggie said:
    So, no one has it?
    Watermark's gone, I figure I have it!
    If they wanna add more to it tomorrow, bring it on!
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