Hi everyone...

I have received some critical kernel boot messages in Event Viewer after every start-up. Just a few pointers:

- Fast Startup is Enabled
- UEFI Fast Boot is enabled in BIOS

These are the error messages:

1. Event ID 29: Windows failed fast startup with error status 0xC00000D4
2. Event ID 41: The previous system shutdown at TIME on DATE was unexpected

Now this only happens if I unplug my PC after Windows 10 has shut down. If my PC is still plugged in when turned off, there's no issue. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought hybrid shutdowns (and hibernates for that matter) require no AC power to be functional - as opposed to Sleep which keeps RAM powered.

Any ideas as to what the issue might be? I've done plenty of Google searches but they've all come empty handed.

My hardware is as follows:

Intel i7-3770k
Asus P8Z77-V Pro Motherboard
Seagate 7200rpm 2TB
Windows 10
Note: I have an SD Card Reader plugged into the motherboard.

Thanks and have a great weekend!